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November 12, 2013, 9:41 AM

Make People Feel Valuable Part II

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be examining how we can champion the people in our lives and pull the best out of them.  Today, we’ll be exploring the most foundational aspect of nurturing potential.

Nugget:  IMAGE IS EVERYTHING (Genesis 1:27, 31)

Pretty shallow, Dr. C.  How do we look, dress?  Isn't that what society tells us to focus on—the externals?  You're valuable if you are good looking, dress well, have the latest technology, etc. And, yet we have eating disorders, people who lack self-confidence, and feel like they never measure up as they compare themselves with others.  We live in a culture that is a mile wide and inch deep and you say, “Image is everything, really?” 

Ok, everybody. Stand down. J

What I like about God is He wastes no time.  He establishes the ground rules right off the bat. Genesis 1 shows us the awesomeness of our Creator God, who made all things seen and unseen.  And God is not sheepish about His abilities--He said His work is good.  In Genesis 2, we see that the cherry on top of the Sundae is you and me--God created us for relationship with Him and with one another, and when He made us, He said it was "very good."  God is proud of His workmanship.  He doesn't make mistakes and he doesn't make trash.

Satan's goal from the beginning has been to cause us to doubt God's goodness & His place in our lives.  He wants us to forget our heritage, to forget who our Daddy is, so that we live life alone without His resources & love. Satan wants to beat us down, to frustrate us, to get us to give up.  BUT God…God wants to build us up, to fulfill us, to grow us up.  God wants us to know…

Our value and dignity comes from being made in His image; our life and fulfillment comes from being rightly-related to Him.

Practically Speaking:

  • Communicate “God’s image is everything” to everyone in your sphere of influence. 
  • Praise and celebrate character traits--the things that you and I can grow and develop. 
  • Praise effort and perseverance--Even with skills, gifts, and talents, I focus more not on the ability, but the development of the ability--i.e. persistence, diligence, and sacrifice.
  • Focus on treating people right and with dignity because we are all made in God's image and called to reflect Him.


Shaping hearts and minds,

Dr. Chris Royael



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