Dual Credit

Dual Credit Course/College Coursework

If you are interested in more information about the Dual Credit Program please contact our Registrar/Academic Advisor, Hope Mancillas at hmancillas@myffc.com or (361) 572-4568, x209. 

FA students who participate in Dual Credit program earn on average 12-15 college credits while in high school!

Juniors and seniors may be granted credit for a college course(s) taken in approved institutions to fulfill units for high school graduation under the following provisions:

If a student desires to replace a full-year High School course , English or History, with a Dual Credit Course, the student must successfully complete two semesters of college courses to meet the TEA requirements for the awarding of one High school credit.  Other courses may be taken. (See the Academic Advisor for information.)

Program Qualifications


 Victoria College Dual Credit Admission Requirements:

  1. Dual Credit Orientation - Attend a Dual Credit Orientation Session.
  2. Test Scores – Meet above mentioned minimum test scores.
  3. Application - Submit an application for Victoria College admission using Apply Texas.
  4. Permission & Consent Form - Submit a Dual Credit/Early Admission Permission & Consent Form
  5. Transcript - Request and confirm most current high school transcript be sent to VC Admissions & Records Office.
  6. Registration FormDual Credit/ Early Admission Registration Form
  7. FERPA Release Form - students should have this form on file with Victoria College
  8. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination - If a student is planning to be on the Victoria College campus for more than 10 consecutive days, they will need proof of a current Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination.  The vaccination must be less than 5 years old from the start of the semester.
  9. Financial Aid - If a student would like to be considered for the Dual Credit Scholarship , please check both yes slots on the Registration Form. The student will need to have completed the FAFSA to see if he or she shows a financial need.
  10. Pay for Class(es) - Pay tuition & fees.
  11. Textbooks - Purchase required textbooks.

Top 5 Reasons to Dual Enroll in College & High School

  1. Save Money: Victoria College (VC) is a third the cost of most universities.
  2. Save Time: Earn College & High School Credit at the SAME time
  3. Classes Transfer: All Core Curriculum courses guaranteed to transfer to any Texas Public Institution
  4. Small Class Sizes: Student to Faculty ratio is 18:1
  5. Get the Edge: Gain an advantage by easing into the College Experience